private catering services 

booking fee                                      $50 flat fee

               cost per plate                                                     

apps                                                   $8 per person       

light fair                                             $15 per person

full meal                                             $24 per person

clean up                                            $50 optional flat fee

travel                                                 $0.25 per mile

                                                       *based in Marquette, MI

guest count limits   |   6 - 18 guests 

private events only

meals are made in a home kitchen not inspected
by the Michigan Department of Agriculture

I am serve safe certified and

have 12 years of foodservice and hospitality service.




background & career

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 5.38.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 5.37.54 PM.png

13 years industry

bartending, serving, catering, cooking, costing, scheduling, POS systems, purchasing, management, and all things food systems

agriculture & business background

livestock and vegetable production experience, past restaurant manager, catering manager, line cook, event organizer, consultant, market manager

bachelor's degree in hospitality

studying things like cost control, marketing, banquets, current issues, ethics, menu design, and capstone classes where you develop your own business plan

Taste the Local Difference

U.P. Local Food Coordinator, 
& Technical Support Team Member

helping promote the great local food systems here in the Upper Peninsula; getting the chance to meet some amazing individuals in our food and agriculture systems, surrounded by what I love

technical support work for online sales and digital marketing, ecommerce creation, email marketing, online marketing system development