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I’m happily writing this from my 45 square foot ‘home.’ I’m not living in it yet, and this is the first time I’ve really sat in here and did something that wasn’t construction focused. With the help of my mom and dad, I was able to get my ‘shanty’ out of the garage so I could put the roof on, try her on the road, and get the total weight to see what I could or couldn’t add to the structure.

Right after we checked those items from the to-do list, the flighty Upper Michigan weather decided to dump over a foot of snow, because that’s what I want after what already felt like a depressingly long winter: record-setting snow in mid-April. On a more positive note, the roof is on, and has proved to be leak free, she handled well on her first road trip, and is well beneath the weight requirements – I see solar paneling and an awning in the future – if the sun ever comes back that is.

+ + +

I’ll be transparent – I started my post there in my house, but now here I am a few days later drinking coffee for fun at 8:45pm with an electric blanket pretending spring has arrived. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of the weather lately (by “lately” I mean the past five months). I was reminded so many days why I had headed west, and although I think that the snow is beautiful, and enjoy the occasional snow related activity – I much preferred when I drove up a mountain in the PNW and found it when I felt it necessary in my life, rather than numerous snow dumps and week-long below freezing temperatures.

Besides the weather, it’s been an interesting experience living at home again. Nothing feels great about moving back home at age 26. If I’m being entirely honest, age 26 hasn’t felt that great at all. It’s been a year speckled with spectacular moments – but it feels like I’ve laughed so much less this year than any other in my life – a trend I don’t want to see continue.

On the other hand – this year has given me so much irreplaceable experience that I would trade for the world. A passenger seat in owning and opening a new business, coordinating my first large event, working for restaurateurs who’ve been in the game 16 years, and of course building a home on a 5’x 8’ trailer. I’ve also been able to reconnect with my past, not all moments being enjoyable, but always educational – and some irreplaceable time spent with family and friends that I hadn’t prioritized enough in my past.

+ + +

I have forever dreamed of having my own restaurant, but after years of working so closely to owners of many different establishments – I don’t think it’s for me. It’s not that I don’t think I could do it, let alone do it well – I’m just too selfish, and also too resilient to rules and regulations. I want a lifestyle I can control. I want to use my experience and skills for events, occasions, friends and causes I love or am passionate about. I want to cook good food for good people while being good to the planet. I bore too easily and am afraid I would become bitter if I was stuck in one spot trying to make my passion my livelihood. I would much rather tell the world about all the cool things others are up to and learning things about food you’ll never find in a book.

Hence the house on wheels; I no longer have to let my location decide my opportunities. Also, after having moved close 7 or 8 times in the past 4 years, I'm happy I'll no longer need to haul my belongings around in chicken boxes and totes.

So, for anyone awaiting my brick and mortar – maybe one day when my bones are too tired to roam, but for now I’ll be ever in search of a new topic, hustle, trend, scenic outlook, flavor, or just a good laugh.

+ + +

Tiny Home: Chapter One

Upper Peninsula: The Farm

In the beginning of May I’ll be bringing my ‘home’ to its first stop, a farm in Chatham. This summer I’ll get to spend my days in the dirt, and my weekends in the kitchen – my first time out of the restaurant roof in over 10 years.

Until I get to the farm, I’ll be spending some time traveling to see old friends, meet cool farmers, and shout from the rooftops about how cool local food is. Feel free to suggest spots or individuals!

Also – I need your help.

My house needs a name… I can’t keep calling it “her, shanty, home, box, etc.” I need something catchy but simple. Suggest away!

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